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Use Common Sense To Fight 24 Hour News Cycle

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

It's obvious that people are in dire positions in life and they want to believe, or fully believe in the UFO and Alien agenda. The heroes of my day like Art Bell, really screwed up the system with their money grubbing ways. However, nothing was more effective than getting a gaggle of women from the local bowling alley along with church folks & implementing instrumental footwear.

Watch out for VNR. Video News Releases. Go look it up. Read about the Smith-Mundt act that Obama revised. When you've done this, and also searched for other aspects of news releases, like the wires, and how that's done. Then you put the pieces together and a solid case for a destructive NEWS cycle starts to crystalize and you then begin to understand what story everyone else is digesting and you can start living a life free from that spell casting.

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