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Reperception Media Pick of the Week: Secrets of Saturn

Updated: Mar 22

This week Jason and crew side-rail off the long reading episodes and go back to a strength - critiquing and giving the music industry a hard reperception. These guys have had me reeled in week after week because they are creative grown ups doing high-minded research. Seems not all the Secrets of Saturn topics will appeal outside of the current webring of support, but as I said when you produce at a highly creative (and technically sound, no frills) pace and stay true by BEING there, you'll be getting some shows that will go by in a blip, and some of those others that will feel like a bit of a marathon. But you will get lost in the vibe as they have a rabid following of men and women not buying msm, and know this construct isn't sustainable in it's current condition.

These guys (and Rose!) are tops.

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