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Private v Public: Using The System Game To Your Advantage

There are important distinctions between the private and public realms and if one is able to navigate those ideas successfully perhaps the world would be a better place. While it is suggested to not go this route without assistance, these are fairly simple tactics for using the system for your benefit.

1. File a Non UCC-1 Financing Statement with your Sec of State to claim your DNA, cDNA, RNA, fingerprints, saliva, etc (to make a superior claim in case you get the vaccine and they try to copyright your DNA). Here is a good article that helps explain the purpose of this step.

2. File and publish a d.b.a. In your county you live in, use your ALL CAPS 3 names as your business, after that open a non-interest business checking acct (the IRS cannot levy a business acct

3. File a name change in your county to change the ALL CAPS 3 NAMES on the STATE COLB to the Upper/Lower case name. Take a certified copy to the SSA office and they will change it in all the govt computers.

4. Declare and Publish your Declaration of Status to change your Political Status from a U.S.citizen to a union state Citizen

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