Exploration is not dead, regardless of what has been pounded into your head.  So I take every opportunity to get around to be on other shows, meet the personalities and their fans too!   I have a lot of ideas that challenge the narrative that expands much further

than what is considered the "mainstream" consciousness.

But even if I am only right about one of my prognostications, it means a world of hurt

for a system already facing so much kickback.  People are starting to see with their

adult eyes for the first time.  As they do I plan to offer a space of my own where all are invited along.  It might be obvious to some that I have some shows that I enjoy so much you may even hear phrases that I hear on those.  This, I do realize, is not good as I do feel

I have plenty to say that originates from my own mouth.  So in an effort to curb that, I will do my best to always give a shout-out to podcasters who are helping people.   Jungle Surfer is an amazing video-producer, he touches on so many interesting ideas.  I have watched so many home astronomers publish some amazing telescopic work, I have listened to Crrow777 really hit his stride, and many more.  I am not a member of any group  and I am learning to live more free in a ever restrictive climate.   I am trying to talk to like-minded folks to further the conversation along.   Do you still believe the JFK assassination really happened?   A like-minded individual does not have to agree the entire event was a put-up, but he or she would help further the discussion by understanding why the question was asked and what he or she can do to not be shocked when presented with ideas they have yet to consider.   I am making a pledge to my audience that I will too hit my stride, but I will do my best to deliver something of interest, and do research and provide you with the opportunity to agree or disagree with me without judgement.  For now I am but one living man opening a microphone discussion to anyone interested.  And I do hope you find something you either agree with, relate to, disagree with, or just straight out enjoy having it on.