We just want to be someone...



Reperception was conceived as a reaction to my frustration that came by people in my life reacting with disinterest to my views and my thoughts.  Either they think I am trolling them, or they just disagree with me.  Not some or most, but just about every one of them, even when just being asked some specific questions or making passing comments...  If it was a friend or someone I love that I could not reach, my reaction would not be to develop a website. My thoughts take time to explain and this will be the vehicle.  How do I successfully explain to someone I know that at *birth* a strawman identity is formed.  Not knowing One's origin is the rule of thumb and I wish to educate on the difference between fertilization and conception.  Yet I am considered (in Black's Law dictionary see definition of "human") lost at sea, but here One sits, breathing.  Am I not a living man? It's basically a relationship killer if someone doesn't know real living men and women scrap to get by, some move through life discretely, while others awaken from a slumber to realize the butlerian jihad may not be as science fiction as it sounds.  Suddenly we find ourselves once again in diapers - last time I went through  this, in the 2000's I was a UFO blogger. This time we are screaming that we do not consent and I would like to feel like I am ready to enter the new age of Aquarius knowing.  Everyone has their own interpretation of life. I always thought  I would one  day reassess the world; the time is  now. 

Censorship has become a major concern for everyone.  Since many of my favorite topics push the envelope, it is subject to control, shadow banning and  I've had videos  removed from the big platforms.  They were considered "hate speech" or  whatever  Orwellian red-flags flew.  I do offer a premium membership where you can hear uncensored speech in all of its intended glory, but I  play  fair.  I don't  want your  money unless  you agree  you are in a comfortable, fun and challenging place you feel good about supporting.  My free-speech zone is  your free-speech zone. If you want to kick start this process, go ahead and join and  you'll have  access to  videos you won't  find anywhere else.  It's dirt cheap anyway, and the more steam I get in my engine, the quicker I will be to take this endeavor on FULL TIME.   The time to begin your reperception has begun.  

(edited 11-01-2019, and 11-16-2020)