Reperception came to life because the people I meet online [and offline!] who became dismissive of my most important thoughts without giving any of it proper consideration.   My thoughts take time to explain and this will be the vehicle.  At birth* a strawman identity is formed.  lost at sea, real living men and women scrap to get by, some move through life discretely, while others awaken from a slumber to realize the butlerian jihad really did happen.  suddenly we find ourselves once again in diapers - only this time we are screaming that we do not consent.   visual artistry is going to save the day for me, so what I can't explain in verse, I will do with my hands and present right here.

Everyone has their very own interpretation of life. Reperception takes a deeper look at life that needs a solid reassessment. 

Over time, censorship has become a major concern.  Since many of my topics do not follow a particular narrative, it is subject to control, and shadow banning.  eventually, I intend to offer a premium membership where you can hear uncensored speech in all of its intended glory, in what will be the 2nd half of any of my recordings.  These 2nd half recordings will not be available anywhere else but here, in my own personal free-speech zone.  if you want to kick start this process, go ahead and join.  It's dirt cheap anyway, and the more steam I get in my engine, the quicker I will be to take this endeavor on.   The time to begin your reperception has begun.   (edited 11-01-2019)